The workshops held by Robert Sannes are all about the potential we have to develop our abilities to SEE. and communicate by the language of photography. Seeing is becoming. Seeing is building awareness and includes all our design as human beings.

Photography is a tool to open for awareness - by expanding our creativity, perception and intuition as well as developing our consciousness. All these are essentials in any deep photographic experience or creation - as well as in life in general:

By understanding how the human system makes limitations it is easier to work through and beyond what limits us. By understanding more about our actual potential it is easier to open for it. This is work of health as well. Welcome to intense journeys with lectures, assignments, feedbacks, mindfulness, inspirations, explorations, social interactions, playfulness, humour, discovery, transformations, transmutations and a lot more.

The different workshops has been held for more than a decade. There has been hundreds of participants. You can read their reviews at the bottom of this page. 

Until now the workshops has only been held in the Norwegian language but this can change anytime. Please forgive that some of the texts below therefor might still be in Norwegian. This will also be changed. 

And please feel welcome to make an enquiry or an invitation if you want a workshop by Robert Sannes to be held in english - and maybe in a place near by you. Until now the workshops has been in certain places in Norway, Italy and Bali. More places will be added - but the location is important. All places affects us - and I always try to make the workshops in conscious relations to the Genius Loci - the spirit of the place.
Welcome to deep photographic journeys -  very often with a life-changing outcome.