Born in London 1964. Raised in Norway - Oppegård near Oslo.

Artist: Photographic techniques / working by different medias.
Leader of Workshops: In photography, creativity, meditation, intuition and consciousness. 
Founder / CEO of the Y-Initiative: Platform for developmental studies, inspiration and communication.
Teacher: At BNSOP (Bilder Nordic School of Photography) - Oslo, Norway
Philosopher: Working on an integral model of consciousness.

Educated as an Architect at NTH - The Norwegian Institute of Technology. Worked as an architect for many years. Turned into a full time artist, philosopher and workshop leader from 2004. Collected material from a vide range of studies to form an integral approach into the theoretical / poetic / artistic work. Particularly concerned with the human potential in an environmental / paradigmatic perspective and the necessity to make deliberate changes on the level of consciousness. Commuting between Norway, Bali and the next place. Widely awarded, commissioned and exhibited.