Born in London 1964. Raised in Norway - Oppegård near Oslo.

Artist: Photographic techniques / working by different medias.
Leader of Workshops: In photography, creativity, meditation, intuition and consciousness. 
Founder / CEO of the Y-Initiative: Forum for developmental studies, inspiration and communication.
Teacher: At BNSOP (Bilder Nordic School of Photography) - Oslo, Norway
Philosopher: Working on an interdisciplinary model on consciousness / creativity / development.

Educated as an Architect at NTH - The Norwegian Institute of Technology. Worked as an architect for many years. Turned into a full time artist, teacher and workshop leader from 2004. Collected material from a wide range of studies to form an integrated approach to his work. Particularly concerned with the human potential of conscious development from an environmental, paradigmatic and interdiciplinary view. Commuting between Norway, Bali and the next place. Widely awarded, commissioned and exhibited.