The Y Initiative was originally created as a platform for workshop participants to CONTINUE their quests within a social community of inspiration. It still serves that purpose - and has also grown to be a lot more... 


The Y Initiative is a forum for  INSPIRATION.
How can we inspire and help each other to prosper into a more creative, coherent, meaningful, healthy, peaceful and sustainable life and world? Today there is an enormous amount of science, art and wisdom to be inspired by. The Y Initiative is collecting and sharing ways and suggestions in order to inspire growth in consciousness - individually, culturally and globally. 


The Y Initiative is a forum for  INTERACTION.
Togetherness is a great vehicle for new ideas and energies to emerge.  The Y INITIATIVE provides a community to help people get together by different interactive means of interest, like photography, creativity, health, meditation, nature, events, food, sharing, impulsive ideas, travel, charity and so on. The Y Initiative is an alive movement - growing as we the participants do.