Born in London 1964. Raised in Norway - Oppegård near Oslo.

Artist: Photographic techniques and working by different medias.
Leader of Workshops: In photography, creativity, meditation, intuition, consciousness. 
Founder of the Y Initiative: Platform for sustainable inspiration, information and growth.
Teacher: At BNSOP (Bilder Nordic School of Photography) - Oslo, Norway
Philosopher: Working on an integral model of understanding / expanding consciousness.

Robert finds inspiration everywhere, especially by movement and silence in nature - through hermitting, expeditions, climbing, sailing, parachuting, diving, mountaineering, kayaking, yoga, meditation and more. Traveling to remote cultures and landscapes has been essential for his inner quest and work.

Educated as an Architect at NTH - The Norwegian Institute of Technology. Worked for his own company and as a freelancer for many years. Turned into a full time artist and philosopher from the late 90´s. Collected material from a diversity of interests, studies, travels, courses and work. Commuting between Norway and Bali and the next place.

Many awards have been earned and the fine art work has been exhibited and commissioned frequently. More informations and CV is to be found underneath.



test II

test II