y Foundation



what is the most urgent need in the world?
 - change in consciousness - 
as action will follow




The Y foundation is a platform OF inspiration and information
by art, creativity, corses, leadership, joy and community



How can we inspire and help each other to prosper into a more coherent, meaningful, healthy, peaceful, creative and sustainable life and world? Today there is an enormous amount of science, art and wisdom to be inspired by. Most essentially; Consciousness is part of evolution and the basis of all experience and action. It is developing. It can be developed further - by you and me. Our awareness and actions will naturally follow our growth in consciousness. Such growth will affect all of our own being as well as the world we take part in. The way we approach our consciousness matters. The Y Initiative is collecting and sharing ways and suggestions in order to inspire growth in consciousness - individually and culturally.



The platform provides  easy access to information that can help us make more wise decisions in life. We do not claim any absolute truth or doctrine but we do provide a will and an effort by collecting competence and actions to make the world a better place. The easy accessed information provided embraces many aspects of life - like creativity, art, health, leadership, relationship, nutrition, etc - and will be subject for change and development along the way. We find such work as utterly important in times that challenges our future: Lets make deliberate actions to help our selves and the world into better directions. It can only make us thrive to be part of such a crucial process. To us it is the most meaningful thing to do..