Life is a creation and discovery by attitude. It is a choice.

Change most things, except what you prefere. It is a choice.

What you need to do, you only learn by doing it. It is a choice.

Eenthusiasm can be nourished into being. It is a choice.

The mysterious is of the most beautiful in life. It is a choice.

Autopilot - or will to open consciousness - is a choice.



Studies of relevance
  -Architecture, 5 years (NTH, Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim)
-4 years travelling with different studies within areas of art and culture:
-Italy, Carrara (Sculpture, by HDK, Hochschule Der Kunste, Berlin) Workshop
-Italy, Rome (drawing, see the section “DRAWINGS” above, Norwegian Institute of Rome)
-Japan (traditional and ecosophic architecture / photography, NTH)
-Portugal (Photography, workshop M. Krogvold)
-Anders Pettersen Photographic workshop, Vågå
-Berlin (communication through art, workshop by EASA)
-Sophia - Budaphest - Weimar (Theory of arch and art, workshops by UTOPICA)
-Travel Photography (See “ARCHIVES”, Africa/Asia/America/Europe/Russia)
-Ingenieering at OIH (Oslo Ingeniør Høyskole, computer & 3D science)
-Environmental studies (ecosophy & ecology) Additional semesterstudy
-USA, Indiana (Exchange student, Advanced Art, Drafting, Psychology)
  - Galleri G, Bærum 2007
- Galleri Steen, Oslo 2006
- Odonata, Fornebu 2006
-”Fortellinger” Bergen, Bølgen & Moi Lysverket 2005
- Debutantutstillingen Bølgen & Moi, Oslo 2004
-“Svalbard” Krutthuset, Stavern 1996
- Berlin Kongresshalle 1989 (”Fourth Dimention / paintings - EASA”)
- Carrara CCC 1989 (Sculpture)
Work, Assignments, Books
  -Galleri Sannes
-Visual arts, individual exhibitions since 2004, group since 1989
-Teacher at Bilder Nordic School of Photograpy from 2007
-Teacher at Utdanningshuset/Westerdal from 2005
-Freelance Photographer since 1996
-Freelance Architect since 1994
-Books: “Skje Din Vilje” 2001 (the photos only) Schibsted Forlag
  -Grand Prix - Utsnitt 2006
-Gold Prizes, “Åpen klasse + Akt + Næringsliv ”, Utsnitt 2006
-Debutantprisen 2004
-The Photographer Of The Year 2000 (Fotografi Magazine Norway)
-Gold Prizes, -Open Class + Portraits, Utsnitt 2000

Orders / commitions
-Leger Uten Grenser
-Bølgen & Moi
-Sisco Systems
-Baby Shop
-Bjørknes Skole
-Gamma Group
-HQ Norden
-KIN Kommuner i Norge