I like to use the word FLOW to describe some of the magic I often seek within photography. We have a peculiar tradition of fighting both nature and ourselves, simply by attitude of life. Our strong IDEA of individualism, with its sepparation between nature and man, between the idea of the physical and nonphysical, between each of us, -has in my opinion become too extreme.
The feeling of natural FLOW, or if you want, more holistic and harmonious abilities, are qualities to embrace in a world that speeds towards ecological limits, that produces lots of human stress, lack of meaning and wars of horror. The FLOW is to me something wich is already there, but has to be opened for. It is something that affects abilities of inner BALANCE, of compassion, of creativity,
of our own perception of BEAUTY.
How can we prevail it?

The process of photography can to me be supporting and even substantial to open for the feeling of natural FLOW. You are FREE to play as a child, to make your own personal THEATRE, to seek for beauty and moments of WONDER, to meet and maybe expand your personal BAUNDERIES, or to work with artistic expressions of your hidden MIND and BODY.
A photograph also MIRRORS yourself. It is easy to forget that you actually never SEE anything but your OWN reaction to whatever observed. A photograph is therefor always personal. It has your own sign-nature in it.
I guess my photographic goal is always to reach some unspoken signature, something that never dies, that expands with you, that just is, that FLOWS.

If you have comments,
  or ideas to develope and discuss,
    or if you have interest in any of my work
      you are welcome to make contact
        or to visit in my studio.

                  - Robert Sannes