QUALITY and the alive expressions of an IMAGE can never be separated from its surrounding interiors. A picture always expresses what it is as a WHOLE when observed. By INTEGRATING a picture (by size, colour-tones, materials, framing, or even the forms and image expressions) exclusively to YOUR spesific interiors and personal needs, you obtain the best possible and unique quality of wholeness, personal atmosphere and, if you like, an affirmative image of your company or private world.
I am privileged to work in such cross-sections with a background as an architect.
You are welcome to make contact or visit in my studio, where you can see and get:

-PRESENTATIONS of photographic art with different cathegories, materials and framings.

-VISUALIZED proposals digitally (so that you can SEE how your interiors will work as a WHOLE).

-SPECIALIZED possible adjustments of the works to exclusively fit YOUR specific interiors and needs.

“An artwork is what YOU experience.
It is alive, through you!”